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Capture Your Confidence

May 20, 2024

Even if you don't have TikTok, you've heard this question: Would you rather be stuck in a forest with a bear or a random man? (Spoiler: almost every women is choosing the bear!) Over the course of the episode, we dive into this fascinating and somewhat quirky topic that has been trending all over social media. It's a bit of a thought experiment that speaks volumes about society and our perceptions of safety and trust. Our conversation sheds light on deep-seated fears and biases, offering a revealing look at how women perceive danger and security. 
Today we explore:
  • The alarming perceptions around women's safety and trust
  • The underlying societal biases and fears that women (and even men) have
  • How empowerment through awareness can help us create better support systems for women to feel safer and more confident
  • How common it is for women to prefer the predictability of an animal's behavior over the unpredictability of a human's motives
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